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Tips for Traveling As an LGBTQ+ Couple

Sometimes it can be easier to fly under the radar when you’re queer and traveling alone than when you’re in a relationship. Traveling as a couple can bring unwanted attention and safety concerns depending on where you’re vacationing.

To help put your mind at ease, we’ve put together a list of helpful tips to assist you and your partner while you’re planning your dream getaway.

Do you and your significant other want to travel the world but aren’t sure how to do it in a safe and fun way?

Keep reading for tips on traveling abroad as an LGBTQ+ couple.

Staying in gayborhoods

Do some research ahead of time to see if the city you’re traveling to has any gayborhoods. While tourist areas are often LGBTQ+ friendly, nothing beats staying in the heart of where the local queer community lives. Not only are you likely to find queer- or ally-owned accommodations, but you will be surrounded by bars, restaurants, and shops that cater to the queer locals.

If your destination has no publicized gayborhoods, sticking to touristy areas and lodging with international brands or LGBTQ+ friendly hotels are your next best bet.

Limit the PDA

As tempting as it is to share a kiss or hold hands in public, one of the best ways to keep from garnering unwanted attention is by keeping the PDA to a minimum when outside of your hotel room.

Even in countries that are considered LGBTQ+ friendly, be wary of your surroundings before engaging in PDA. Unless you’re in a gayborhood or another queer safe space, it’s better to keep the nature of your relationship a guessing game.

Be mindful of using apps

In a previous post, we discussed tips for using the apps while traveling. While the apps are great for meeting new friends or something more, ensure you’re prepared before opening it and swiping.

Know the laws of your destination ahead of time and give yourselves some anonymity by nixing the face-pics from your profile until you’re ready to meet up. Regardless of who is hosting, meet somewhere in public first to reduce any risk and ensure you know your resort’s guest policy before bringing someone back to your room.

Confirm you can bring PrEP

Unfortunately, not every country allows PrEP or has it locally available. Using maps like this will help ensure that you’re able to bring the medication with you. Make sure you have enough for your trip and keep it in your carry-on luggage along with a letter from your prescriber in case customs asks to view it. Keeping it in your carry-on is also useful if you have any issues with your checked baggage.

Research before packing toys

Although U.S. airport security should allow for sex toys to be packed in either carry-on or checked luggage, make sure that you research that your destination allows you to travel with one. In some countries (and the U.S. States!), it's illegal to travel with adult toys, so in some cases, it might be best to leave the vibrator at home.

Download Rainbow Getaway Destination Guides

Lastly, be sure to check out our destination guides for a more detailed look at what to expect a queer experience to be like on your dream vacation! We have guides to popular and unique locations all over the world.

If you want more information about traveling as a couple, or you’re ready to book your next travel adventure, schedule a consultant with Rainbow Getaways, and we’ll help you with everything you need to know.

Rainbow Getaways proudly help travelers of the LGBTQ community (and our allies) research, plan, and book incredible vacations where you feel confident and comfortable enjoying and exploring your destination. We plan each vacation to meet your specific needs, so you'll have an experience just as unique as you.


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