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Tips for using the “Apps” while traveling

Traveling to a new destination is always a thrill, and making new friends is always a highlight of a trip. For gay travel, new friends often bring the additional benefits that we find on the various hook-up apps.

Regardless of whether you love or hate the hook-up apps, they are solidly a part of our culture. If you’re the type of traveler who looks for some extra activity while traveling, keep reading for some tips to keep in mind before you open it.

1. Know your destination’s laws. Traveling is a fantastic way to experience new cultures, but it brings risks that our community must still face. Countries have a wide range of acceptance, with the most progressive countries fully protecting the LGBTQ community while others still criminalize same-sex encounters. Do your research before you travel, so you know what to expect when looking for fun.

2. Nix the face pic. Everyone loves the thrill of seeing a guy who’s less than 100 feet away on the app and picking them out in the crowd, but when traveling, you don’t have the safety of your home city to protect you. Removing your face pics from your profile is an easy way to be a bit more anonymous at first and helps protect you from others who may be using the app for less desirable reasons.

3. Require a face pic before meeting. Once you’re ready to meet up, that’s when you want to exchange face pics.

4. Meet somewhere public first. Whether or not you’re hosting, meet somewhere public first. This will help you make sure you’re not being catfished or targeted. Some countries use the apps to target members of our community. Meeting somewhere public helps reduce the risk of walking into something you’re not expecting. It’s a bonus if you have a wing-person to watch your back until you’re ready to move on.

5. Know your resort’s guest policy. Depending on your destination, you may or may not be able to host. Some resorts have strict no-guest policies, while others allow day guests as long as they don’t spend the night. If you’re on a cruise, it’s a pretty easy solution if you’re both on the ship, but if you’re meeting up while in port, some creativity is required to find a space. Just keep in mind the all-aboard time - so you’re not stranded with your pants down.

6. Wrap-It-Up. Practicing safe sex is essential at home but critical while traveling. You’ll never see the person again, and the infection rates of STIs are not always controlled or tracked. Even if you’re on PrEP, the pill doesn’t protect against other forms of transmittable infections.

Do you have other tips that you use while finding a new trick on vacation? There’s no right or wrong way to have fun, as long as you’re safe.

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