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How to Choose the Perfect Cruise

Are you ready to sail on the cruise of your dreams?

Martini Bar on Celebrity
Martini Bar on Celebrity

As one of the most unique forms of vacation, cruising offers tourists wonderful memories and luxurious experiences. But you might wonder, “What defines the ‘perfect’ cruise? How can I find one?” We know how confusing choosing the perfect cruise can be, and at Rainbow Getaways, we’re here to help you answer those questions.

Here is how you can choose the perfect cruise.

Friends toasting on a cruise

Sort Out Your Priorities

Before you stress over the details, you must evaluate your priorities. To find your perfect cruise, consider these preferences during your research:

  • Your Budget: Cruises offer a wide range of prices. Your destination, trip duration, room type, and other details influence your trip's costs.

  • Your Desired Experience: Do you want a relaxing and luxurious trip? Would you prefer to explore cultural experiences? Do you need something child-friendly? Be sure to think about these things while planning your cruise.

  • Your Trip’s Length: Most cruises last around seven days, but some can be as short as four days and as long as several months. Remember to schedule your cruise around your work and school schedule.

  • Your Travel Buddies: Are you boarding a cruise by yourself, with a partner, a family, or friends? The number of people you’re traveling with can significantly influence your trip. Pro-tip: If traveling with a group of friends, appoint one person to run point on decision-making.

Scarlet Lady in Miami
Scarlet Lady in Miami

Choose Your Destination

Now it’s time for the fun part - picking your destination!

Carefully think about which countries or cities you want to visit. Most cruises visit multiple areas on one trip (for example, a cruise sailing through the Mediterranean will most likely see Rome, Barcelona, and other popular destinations), so try to narrow your decision to a general location.

During this step, remember to consider timing when visiting specific places. Atlantic cruises are cheaper from June to November but are at risk of getting rescheduled or canceled due to hurricane complications. Other destinations, such as Scandinavian countries, might be challenging to explore in the late Autumn or early Spring because of the freezing weather.

Consider your dream destinations, weather, and travel priorities carefully. These can help you get closer to finding the cruise of your dreams.

MSC Meraviglia Leaving Miami
MSC Meraviglia Leaving Miami

Find Your Perfect Cruise Line

Now, it's time to choose your cruise line and ship. The number of cruise lines available can be intimidating, but finding one that fits your wishes makes the search worth it. Here are a few cruise lines and the distinct experiences they provide:

Cruises with luxury experiences:

  • Regent Seven Seas

  • Oceania Cruises

  • Silversea

Family-friendly cruises:

  • Disney Cruises

  • Royal Caribbean

  • Princess Cruises

Cruises with vibrant nightlife:

  • Princess Cruises

  • Celebrity Cruises

  • Virgin Voyages Cruises

This decision depends on your budget, travel group, and priorities, but these lists should help you get started on the right foot. And don’t worry, they’re all LGBTQ+ inclusive. We made sure of that.

Seven Seas Splendor at Sea
Seven Seas Splendor at Sea

Choose Your Cruise Ship

After you choose your cruise line, it's time to select your cruise ship. Some cruise lines only offer one type of ship, but some offer different kinds of boats for the same or similar trips.

The primary difference between different cruise ships is their size. Larger ships are more popular and offer a more extensive range of amenities. They also resist large waves, making them better for travelers who experience sea sickness. On the other hand, small ships are cozier and focus more on the trip's destination than larger ships.

Keep your budget in mind when deciding on your ship. The newest ships have the highest prices, while the older ships have some of the best bargains.

Celebrity EDGE Villa
Celebrity EDGE Villa

Consider Your Cabin

With your cruise line and ship decided, it's time to find your cabin. Most cruise ships have four main types of cabins you can stay in, each with pros and cons.

Interior cabins are the most cost-effective type of cabins. They are typically smaller and don’t include natural light, making them cozy and safe for children. Despite this, if you spend more than just your time asleep in the cabin, they can feel cramped, especially when traveling with more than just your partner.

Oceanview cabins, unlike interior cabins, offer a window with stunning, ever-changing views. They are the best option for those wishing to save money while savoring the scenic views. Oceanview cabins are often on lower decks or at the front of the ship; while these locations have some drawbacks, the views make up for them.

Balcony cabins are perfect for those wishing to indulge in the beautiful waters of their destination. With your own private balcony, you’ll be able to relax as the ship moves to your next port of call. Pro Tip: We recommend ordering room service and dining on the balcony over the stunning waters for a lavish experience.

Suites are the most lavish cabin type and provide the most space for you to unwind. These elegant cabins provide extra space, additional perks, a balcony, and, in many cases, butler service. Suites are perfect for milestone vacations like a honeymoon, anniversary, or retirement, and you’ll walk off the ship thinking back on it for years to come.

If you need help deciding, you can visit our guide on choosing the best cabin for your trip.

Scott in St Maarten
St Maarten is one of our favorite ports of call!

Book Your Cruise With a Professional Travel Advisor

Now that you’ve started thinking about your dream cruise, it’s time to book your vacation. You can book a cruise in many ways, but going through a travel advisor gives you a dedicated person to help answer any questions and make sure you have a memorable experience.

Travel advisors are wonderful for saving you time and unwanted stress by taking the process of planning and booking a cruise off your hands. We also include any personal accommodations you need for your trip, and we’re there to help you navigate any concerns or trip interruptions if they occur.

Rainbow Getaways are Ocean Cruise Experts, and each of our advisors considers your sexuality and gender identity when helping you plan your vacation. We work to ensure your travels will be a relaxing and fun vacation without worrying about discrimination.

Start planning your cruise vacation with a free consultation today.

Rainbow Getaways proudly helps travelers of the LGBTQ community (and our allies) research, plan, and book incredible vacations where you feel confident and comfortable enjoying and exploring your destination. We plan each vacation to meet your specific needs, so you'll have an experience just as unique as you.


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