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Why Luxury Cruises Are Worth It

In the world of cruising, many options range from mass-market family ships to ultra-luxury small ships. Every cruiser has their favorite line and will sing its praises to anyone who will listen.

Luxury cruising vastly differs from mass-market lines, which focus on getting as many people on a ship as possible. Luxury cruise lines like Regent Seven Seas Cruises or the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection focus on experiences in the ports while providing an exceptional onboard experience to their guests.

Ritz-Carlton's Evrima at St Barts
Ritz-Carlton's Evrima at St Barts

Keep reading if you’ve wondered if a luxury cruise is worth it. I’ll explore the critical differences between luxury and mass-market lines so you can make an informed decision.

Size of the ships

Luxury ships are dwarfed by mass-market cruise lines
Luxury ships are dwarfed by mass-market cruise lines

The size of the ships is one of the most apparent differences between a luxury cruise and a mass-market cruise. Luxury ships are dwarfed by their mass-market counterparts, clocking in around half the gross tonnage of even the smallest premium options.

A smaller ship has many advantages for the affluent traveler, with the ability to call on smaller ports that larger ships couldn’t dream of visiting. This also opens the world to luxury travelers with more authentic experiences, given that luxury ships hold fewer than 1,000 passengers (with many holding fewer than 500 passengers).

Another advantage of a smaller ship is getting to know your fellow travelers. I’ve made many life-long friendships on ships, with the most memorable experiences being on smaller ships.

Exotic Locations

Because luxury cruise lines have more options for ports of call, they can visit exotic destinations. Aurora Expeditions is one of the most notable brands with their purpose-built fleet to visit Antarctica.

Paul Gauguin visits the islands of Tahiti, French Polynesia, Fiji, and other destinations in the South Pacific. For those who love to cruise, a luxury line is the best way to visit these locations because many of these islands can only be reached with small ships.

Celebrity Cruises has a purpose-built luxury ship for the Galapagos, offering an intimate experience of the destination while maintaining the onboard luxury that you’d expect of a luxury ship.

Level of Service

The level of service on a luxury ship far exceeds what you would expect on a mass-market line. The crew-to-passenger ratio is close to 1:1 on many luxury brands, even when they’re sailing at 100% occupancy.

Server setting the table on a Regent ship
Personalized service sets Luxury brands apart from all the others

Many luxury ships provide a personal touch that gives every passenger a dedicated butler to pamper you while on vacation and care for your every need. Mass-market lines have picked up on this need with their “ship within a ship” concept (such as The Retreat on Celebrity Cruises), with suites offering dedicated service and space on the ship.

Luxury brands also hire the best crew. These crew members have earned their stripes and know how to go above and beyond for every passenger. They’ve spent years already in their role on other ships, so running into someone who is learning the ropes won’t derail your vacation.

More is Included

It’s no secret that a luxury brand costs more, but more is included in the total price of the voyage.

Woman snorkeling with stingrays
Excursions are often included with Luxury Cruises

For example, Regent Seven Seas Cruises includes the cost of roundtrip flights (in business class for intercontinental flights), airport transfers, shore excursions, gratuities, laundry, beverages, and nearly everything else that you would spend money on while on a mass-market line.

Cocktail onboard Ritz-Carleton Ship
Most drinks are included in Luxury Cruises

Whenever I’ve done a cost breakdown between a premium line and a luxury line with all the necessary inclusions, the cost per night is a better value on the luxury option. Once you add in the difference in the level of service, you’ll be entering a whole new world of travel.

For a December 2023 Caribbean Sailing out of Miami

Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Celebrity Cruises

Cruise Fare for two adults in an entry-level suite



​Cruise Care from Cruise Line



Economy Air Fare from MSP



Airport Transfers


















Intimate Entertainment

Luxury ships offer much more intimate entertainment compared to their mass-market counterparts. You won’t find broadway inspired shows, large theaters, or meeting spaces.

Instead, live entertainment is hosted in intimate lounges, giving you a relaxed environment for conversations and enjoying the performances. For the luxury ships which do include theaters, they are still considerably more intimate than the spaces on larger ships.

Luxury brands also focus on educational offerings with experts in the destinations and other topics featured throughout the sailing. These provide more insight about where you’re visiting and shouldn’t be missed.

Onboard Life

Life onboard a luxury cruise is an elevated experience, matching the experience you would expect when visiting a luxury property on land. There are no water slides, movie theaters, or large pools.

Instead, cruisers will find plenty of loungers on deck, bars and lounges geared towards socializing with pre-dinner drinks, and libraries to relax with a book.

When you pack for a luxury cruise, plan to bring resort casual for the day, business casual for the evenings, and formal attire for formal nights.

Are you still wondering if a luxury cruise is right for you? Schedule a consultation with me to talk about the options. I’ll pair you with the right cruise line to take you to the places you’ve been dreaming about.

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