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Which Cruise Ship Cabin is Right for You?

Going on a cruise vacation is one way to unwind, relax, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. But if you want your cruise to be as perfect as possible, you need to pick the right cruise cabin. Even if you don't plan on spending much time in the cabin, you should find the right fit for your needs and your budget. Here are a few tips to help you decide which cruise ship cabin is best for you.

Understand the Types of Cabins

Before you attempt to pick a cabin type, you should understand your options. Every ship has different names and types of cabins. However, most cruise lines and ships have similar cabin styles. The cheapest and most simple room is the interior cabin. These rooms are small and don't have any windows or balconies.

Oceanview Cabin

Typically, an oceanview room is the next tier of cabin. While this room is also small, it has a window that allows you to look outside. These cabins feature porthole windows or larger picture windows, allowing you to enjoy natural light and stunning vistas right from your cabin. It's a popular choice for those who want to stay connected to the ocean's beauty and enjoy the soothing sound of waves.

Balcony Cabins

Then, you have the balcony room. A balcony cabin offers a touch of luxury and a personal outdoor space. Therefore, it's ideal for travelers who value a great view and privacy. In this type of room, you can wake up to the view of sunrise over the open water. Balcony cabins often provide a seating area on the balcony, which is perfect for sipping your morning coffee or watching the sunset.

Suite Cabins

For the traveler seeking luxury, a suite cabin is the way to go. These spacious accommodations often come with separate living and sleeping areas, larger bathrooms, and a range of exclusive perks. Depending on the cruise line, suites may also include:

  • Butler service

  • Priority boarding

  • Exclusive dining or lounging options

As you might expect, suites cost much more than other tiers of rooms. However, they come with many perks.

Other Cruise Ship Cabin Options

Your ship could have other options. While you're planning your family vacation, research the types of cabins available to you. Then, you can be sure to pick the best option.

Think About Your Budget

After you research the cabin types, you should consider your budget. Before you start shopping for your cruise, you should have a basic idea of your budget. There's a type of accommodation for everyone, so decide which accommodations work best with your financial needs.

Cabins on the interior are the most affordable. If you're on a tight budget or want to save money for excursions, you might be better off with an interior cabin. Interior cabins lack windows or balconies and work best for those who will only use their cabin for sleeping and changing.

Individuals on a tight budget who want to spend private time on a balcony could book the lowest tier of balcony rooms. Most cruise lines offer balcony rooms that are still affordable. If you're traveling on an unlimited budget, you might prefer a large suite. Price out all the options on your desired ship, and then figure out which rooms work best.

Consider Your Plans

If you're torn between rooms, think about what you plan to do on your trip. Will you want to spend some time relaxing in your room? Or do you prefer to spend most of your time on the pool deck? Because interior rooms are so dark and small, they're not ideal for individuals who want to spend time in their room.

If you're traveling to socialize, the size of your room probably doesn't matter much. But if you're traveling to be in the lap of luxury, you may want to spring for a larger room with a balcony. Likewise, travelers with children often appreciate the larger space that comes with suites.

Prioritize Your Wants

It's equally important to prioritize what matters to you. Sure, you might be fine in an interior cabin. But would you be thrilled to wake up every day and sip a coffee on a private balcony? Think about what you truly want from your vacation.

For instance, you might prefer a private balcony to an excursion. If you skip out on that second excursion or don't book a drink package, maybe a balcony room is more in line with your budget. If you have kids, you might be able to maintain your sanity in one room more than in another.

If you're stuck and need help picking a room, make a list of what you want most from this trip. After you finish the list, go through it. Pick a room that lets you cross the most items off the list, and you can't go wrong.

Consider Accessibility

If you or someone traveling with you has a mobility challenge or disability, you can book an accessibility cabin. These cabins feature wider doorways, accessible bathrooms, and other amenities to ensure a comfortable experience for everyone. Before you book an accessible room, you should make sure the room suits you.

When you need an accessible room, you can do one of two things. You can call the cruise line and ask them about their offerings. Or, if you're working with a travel agent, ask them about the accessible rooms.

Pay Attention to Location

In addition to picking the right cruise cabin, you should pick the right location of your room. If you get seasick, you should seek out a room in the center of the ship. And if you're a light sleeper, avoid booking a room near a service door.

For those looking for great views, consider booking a room higher up. These rooms also tend to be closer to the amenities. If you book a room far from everything, you may end up walking your whole vacation.

Consult with an Expert

By far, the easiest way to pick a cruise cabin is to consult with your favorite travel agent. An experienced travel agent takes the time to find out what you want and can direct you to the best room for your desires. If you're ready to take a cruise, schedule your consultation with Rainbow Getaways!


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