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Best Gay Beaches in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is known for its sun-soaked beaches, but finding the ones welcoming to the LGBTQ+ community requires a bit more research. Fortunately, the Caribbean has numerous queer-friendly beaches, many of which are clothing-optional.

Are you planning a trip to the Caribbean and need to know which are the best gay beaches in the Caribbean?

Keep reading for ten of the best gay beaches in the Caribbean to put on your bucket list.

Atlantic Beach

Atlantic Beach
Atlantic Beach - Photo by Frederick Rosa on Unsplash

Located in Puerto Rico, the most gay-friendly island in the Caribbean, Atlantic Beach is the beach of your queer dreams, especially on Sundays when cruising and gay attendance are at their peak. The beach is only a 10-minute drive from the heart of Puerto Rico's capital, San Juan.

Mi Cayito

Havanna's unofficially official gay beach in Cuba is located on the Playas de Este and is only a 30-minute drive from Havanna. Nestled between cobalt waters and grassy dunes, this beach can be spotted by the rainbow flags dotting the white sand and is clothing optional.

Saline Beach

Saline Beach
Saline Beach - Image by H Rabbitt from

As one of the smallest islands in the Caribbean, Saint Barts — also known as Saint Barthelemy — lacks a gay scene, but Saline Beach more than makes up for it. The far left and right sections of the beach are the most popular among the queer community and are secluded. The beach also has a clothing-optional section and is well-known for cruising. The coastline is an easy 15-minute drive away from Gustavia, the island's capital.

Orient Bay Beach, Cupecoy Beach, and Happy Bay Beach

Saint Martin Island has no shortage of clothing-optional gay beaches, so you're a stone's throw away from pristine waters no matter where you are on the island. Orient Bay and Happy Bay Beach are north, and Cupecoy Beach is in the South. Depending on which half of Saint Martin you're on, Philipsburg and Marigot's capitals are a 30-minute drive or less to each beach. All three beaches are tucked away from the road.

Plage de la Petite Anse des Salines and Little Anse des Salines

Plage de la Petite Anse des Salines
Plage de la Petite Anse des Salines - Photo by Orion on Unsplash

The Plage des Salines on Martinique Island is split into three sections, with the queer part on the far end of the beach. The area is Plage de la Petite Anse des Salines, which is considered gay friendly, although it's not the queerest beach on the list. But don't fret; close by, there is the Little Anse des Salines, a remote, gay, and nude beach. The Plage des Salines is a little over a 10-minute drive from the picturesque city of Sainte-Anne.

Anse Tarare Beach and Plage Gay Naturiste de Sainte Rose

Plage Gay Naturiste de Sainte Rose
Plage Gay Naturiste de Sainte Rose - Image by 42mp from Pixabay

As one of the beach's names implies, Plage Gay Naturiste de Sainte Rose and Anse Tarare are both nude and gay beaches on the beautiful archipelago of Guadeloupe. Plage Gay Naturiste is a 12-minute drive from Sainte Rose, located in the extreme north of Guadeloupe and well isolated. Anse Tarare, on the other hand, is in the south-eastern part of Guadeloupe and a 12-minute drive from the nearby coastal town of Saint François. This beach is also secluded and on the smaller side but popular nonetheless.

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