Virgin Voyages

Adult Only! Two of the most magical words ever uttered since the dawn of time. 

Virgin Voyages is a brand new cruise line that is upending the industry. From eliminating buffets, contactless payments, and including all the "extras" that mainstream cruise lines tack on. 

Every booked room includes all you care to eat food, basic drinks, wifi, tips, and group workout classes! That's a $600 value when compared to what other cruise lines charge. 

 Virgin Voyages Sailors' Pride 

Be a VIS (Very Important Sailor) and join our Facebook group to celebrate pride on and off the ship. Meet other cruisers, share your photos, talk about what we all love, plus be among the first to hear about Rainbow Getaways Exclusives.

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Sample Itineraries

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The 5-night Dominican Daze sails to the snow-white shores of the Dominican Republic from 9am to 6pm, for plenty of time to lay by the beach and explore the city streets. Add a full day and night (9am to 10pm) spent at the exclusive Beach Club in Bimini, Bahamas, complete with a bonfire party under the stars.


The 4-night Fire and Sunset Soirées sails from vibrant Miami to the pastel-hued streets of Key West, with a day and night (10 am to midnight) spent at The Beach Club at Bimini, Bahamas — complete with our signature bonfire bash under the stars. 

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The 5-night Mayan Sol sails from Miami to the shores of the Yucatán Peninsula, with a day and night spent at The Beach Club in Bimini, Bahamas — complete with a bonfire party under the stars. Arriving at 9 am in Costa Maya and leaving at 7 pm, you'll have plenty of time to relax by the beach and explore the ancient ruins.

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Rivera Maya

The 5-night Rivera Maya sails from Miami to the Kaleidoscopic reefs and sun-drenched mezcal tastings — just a stone’s throw away from effortlessly cool Tulum.

Eastern Caribbean


The 8-night Eastern Caribbean Antilles sails from Miami to to the US Virgin Islands. Where you can visit the Botanical gardens, go deep-sea diving, and relax in crystal clear waters.

Western Caribbean


The 6-night Western Caribbean Charm sails from Miami to visit Roatán, Costa Maya, and The Beach Club at Bimini. You can dive through the vibrant corals and diverse sea-life or unwind on the serene beach of the charming Honduran island.

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