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Why You Need to Use Your PTO

Did you know that in 2019 over 770 million hours of PTO were left unused by American workers? That's enough time off for 19.25 million works to take a week-long vacation! This number continues to grow each year, and I'm sure we will see a massive increase in PTO left behind in 2020. This year we have worked from home, felt guilty for using the time off because we're already at home, and have had limited options for getting away for most of the year.

If you're someone who saves up their PTO for a rainy day and never takes any time to yourself, keep reading to learn about the top reasons to take a getaway.

1. You're less likely to have a heart attack. To say that vacations are a matter of life and death would not be overstating it. Men and women who take regular vacations are less likely to have a heart attack because they get time to destress. Stress causes all sorts of health issues that go beyond the cardiovascular system, so taking a regular vacation is like drinking a glass of does a body good.

2. You get a mental reset. Taking a vacation to reduce stress doesn't just help your body; it helps reset your mind. A vacation allows you to get away from staring at your computer screens, phone, televisions, and any other screen that takes up our lives. By removing these distractions, you can focus on the now and be present with your family and friends.

3. You become a better employee. Managers and business owners should take note. When you use all of your PTO, your job satisfaction is higher, you're more loyal to your employer, and your productivity increases when you return. That after vacation glow is very real and gives an extra bounce in our step once we get back to work. Plus, when management encourages their employees to use the time off they've earned, it creates a far more relaxed environment than when time off is regularly denied.

4. You make memories. Out of all the reasons, this is last not because it's less important than the others, but because it is THE most important reason. When you take vacations with your family and friends, you make memories. These memories are the most precious commodity that you will have throughout your lifetime, and once you miss the opportunity to make them, the chance is gone. Working long hours without taking time for yourself doesn't just hurt you; it deprives those closest to you of memories that they would cherish.

When you're ready to take a vacation, make sure, you plan enough time to fully unwind. Short weekend trips are fun, but they do little to actually destress since you're back to work on Monday. Plan to spend at least a week to get the full benefit of your vacation. Depending on your travel style, you can spend a week sipping cocktails on a beach, or split up the week and take a road trip across the country in a rental RV. Either way, make sure you leave your laptop off and use your phone as a camera instead of staying caught up in endless emails.

Using your PTO to take a Rainbow Getaway is effortless and customized to meet your travel needs and budget. I work with travel partners worldwide to ensure that your getaway is perfect and stress-free. All you need to do is tell your boss when you'll be away, tell me where you want to go and when, and I'll take care of it from there. I can even help with the email to your boss to tell them you'll be OOO for a week ;-).


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