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Rainbow Travel to Puerto Vallarta

In this edition of Travel Over the Rainbow, we head to Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. Puerto Vallarta is located on the West Coast of Mexico and has is a gay hot spot destination. In Puerto Vallarta, you’ll experience a fabulous gay beach with resorts overlooking the sand and waves. You’ll feel welcome shopping in locally-owned shops and can party the night away in clubs for every taste.

Puerto Vallarta Skyline
Puerto Vallarta Skyline

Mexico is surprisingly welcoming of the LGBTQ community, given how limited islands in the Caribbean are. Over the last several decades, the country has made great strides to bring equality to the forefront. Same-sex marriage was legalized in all but one state in 2010, with that one hold out recognizing the marriages that take place in other parts of the country. Like the US, the more urban an area, the more open they are for the community. Large cities and tourist areas have strong protections against anti-LGBTQ violence and discrimination.

Resorts in Puerto Vallarta welcome all couples and work to ensure all your needs are met during your stay. For a nearly exclusive LGBTQ experience, stay at the Blue Chairs Resort by the Sea or the Almar Resort. These resorts have easy access to one of the best LGBTQ beaches in the world to make the morning walk down to the sand that much easier after a night out at the club.

When the sun goes down, the Romantic Zone is the place to be.
When the sun goes down, the Romantic Zone is the place to be.

The nightlife in Puerto Vallarta is as varied as the LGBTQ community, with options spanning from karaoke bars to quiet lounges to the hottest nightclubs. Staying near the Romantic Zone provides easy access to the nightlife while also providing plenty of shopping and restaurant opportunities.

Travelers heading to Puerto Vallarta during late May get to experience the city’s annual pride festival. The festival has been a staple of the LGBTQ community for the last 18 years and is a destination in itself.

Beautiful morning from the pier of the dead in Puerto Vallarta.
Beautiful morning from the pier of the dead in Puerto Vallarta. Photo by Cinthia Aguilar on Unsplash.

This small town turned tourism destination should be on the must-do list for every Rainbow Traveler at least once in their life. With so much to do in Puerto Vallarta, it’s no surprise that many return year after year. Beyond the resorts, restaurants, and clubs, the destination has adventure activities, sailing, seasonal whale watching, and more.

Ready to take your first vacation to Puerto Vallarta? Rainbow Getaways will take care of all the research and planning, so all you have to do is show up for your flight and have a good time. Schedule your free consultation to share your dream vacation.

Rainbow Getaways is a full-service travel agency that specializes in travel for the LGBTQ community and our allies. I work with travel partners worldwide to create fully customized itineraries for my travelers.

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