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Dancing with Penguins

In 2006 the imaginations of millions of children were captured with the release of Happy Feet - the story of Emperor Penguins in Antarctica dancing their way to true love. I wasn’t a child, but I was (and still am!) young at heart, and it sparked an enduring curiosity about the Great White Continent.

Visiting the seventh continent is a bucket-list item for many avid travelers and dreamers. The untouched beauty of the landscapes, the inquisitive penguins, and the tranquility of being the only group of humans for hundreds of miles is something that has drawn adventure seekers for decades. Experiencing Antarctica was once reserved for scientists making the journey to study the glacier ice, wildlife, and the ozone layer. These days there are opportunities to visit each Antarctic summer.

See penguins dance, play, and go about their lives in Antarctica.
Dancing Penguins

One luxurious way to experience Antarctica is on an expedition cruise. Lucky adventurers can get up-close and personal with the Antarctic experience when they take an Aurora Expedition. Once you step onboard the Grey Mortimer or the new Sylvia Earle, you’ll lavish in luxury while having adventures most only dream about. Each expedition is unique as the ship’s team of experts use their in-depth local knowledge to carefully guide you through the ever-changing weather, tides, ice conditions.

The Aurora Expedition Greg Mortimer
The Aurora Expedition Greg Mortimer

Both ships of Aurora Expedition are purpose-built to cut through the choppy waters of Antarctica with ease. The cabins have been meticulously designed to provide a relaxing environment where you can recharge after a day of hiking, whale watching, sightseeing, or SCUBA diving.

Activity Platform on the Grey Mortimer
Activity Platform on the Grey Mortimer

On the ship, you’ll find like-minded adventurers are limited to an average of 132, which makes the Aurora Expeditions some of the smallest Antarctic expeditions available. You’ll have access to experts that range from photography to help guide you to take breathtaking photos and to historians to bring abandoned whaling villages alive. Onboard dining is a great time to not only fuel-up for your upcoming expedition in the morning but also catch up with your fellow adventures to regale your day over expertly prepared meals.

Aurora Expeditions offers departures during the Antarctic summer each year, with bookings currently available for the 2021-2022 season, and the 2022-2023 season will be released soon. One last thing that I absolutely love about Aurora Expeditions is that they offer solo travelers the option to pay a solo-surcharge (150%) or to split a bunk with another solo traveler. The offer is available on most expeditions, and if no other solo adventures travel, you get the whole room to yourself without paying extra.

Sailing through Lemaire Channel
Sailing through Lemaire Channel

Taking an expedition to Antarctica is the experience of a lifetime. I look forward to checking the Great White Continent off my bucket list and seeing my favorite animals. I don’t expect them to break out in dance to a Prince album in the wild but watching them play will be a dream come true.

Ready to hear about how easy it is to start planning your own Antarctic expedition? Schedule a consultation with me, and I’ll take care of all the work for you. I’ll partner with Aurora Expeditions to make sure you have a tailored experience from the moment you step out of your home until you unlock your door after your adventure.

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