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The Suite Life Onboard the Norwegian Sun

The Norwegian Sun is one of Norwegian Cruise Line's oldest ships and is among their smallest. But stepping aboard the Sun, there are very few signs of her age. The ship is beautifully maintained and, while small, offers plenty of activities to keep her passengers occupied between ports.

NCL Sun in Cozumel, Mexico

If you haven't sailed Norwegian before, The Haven is Norweigian's ship-within-a-ship suite concept. Passengers who book Haven suites gain access to their own restaurant, pool, lounge areas, have upgraded room amenities, and their own butlers and concierge to make the getaway memorable. The Haven and its keycard access amenities have been included on Norwegian's larger and newer ships. But where does this leave Norwegian's smaller ships like the Sun?

The Suite Life on the Sun and other non-Haven ships provides a lavish experience that many would recognize from the early days of cruising. While there is no exclusive lounge or pool deck, suite guests are treated well by nearly every member of the crew. I was lucky enough to experience this first hand shortly before the Covid-19 shutdown that left cruises canceled.

As a suite guest on the Norweigan Sun, I had a spacious forward-facing penthouse cabin, a large balcony with two loungers and a table, a personal butler and concierge, unlimited room service, priority tendering and disembarkation, and two meals a day in a Cagney's. For dinner, I upgraded the included two-specialty meal package to include all five nights of the cruise. Having a concierge to make the last minute bookings was lovely, although there was plenty of availability each night.

The forward-facing penthouse category on the Sun includes different layouts, depending on the room's specific location. In my case, I stayed in suite 8201, which is the smallest suite on the ship. While it is the smallest, it is considerably larger than a standard balcony cabin and is laid out much the same way. The room includes a massive bathroom with a full whirlpool tub, shower, commode, and double vanity. The bathroom alone is about the size of the office I'm sitting in as writing about my experience. The main part of the suite is about 1.5 times the width of a standard cabin, so there is plenty of space to move around. Besides the expected bed and sofa, the suite includes a 40-inch TV, a Nespresso coffee pot, and a table for two.

Suite 8201 is two decks below the bridge. The suite's location is ideal for giving you a quiet place to relax as it is sandwiched between other cabins. One major drawback for the suites located below the bridge is that they do not allow the veranda lights to be turned on at night. This is a safety precaution to ensure the officers aren't blinded by the light pollution. I personally didn't feel this interrupted my vacation much given I often sit on the veranda in the dark at night looking at the stars.

The last perk of staying in a suite that I'll touch on is also one of my favorites...the unlimited room service!

Suite room service

If you've sailed on Norweigan in a standard cabin, you're aware that the only free room service is a continental breakfast that needs to be delivered before 10 am. When staying in a suite, your butler will deliver whatever you'd like to eat, nearly whenever you want (assuming they're awake). This includes the full room service menu that is open to everyone, plus the full menu from the main dining rooms, and even all the menus from the specialty restaurants! When your butler makes the delivery, they will set-up your table with white table cloth service and all. I highly recommend dining in your suite at least one night and if the weather is beautiful, out on the veranda.

Suite life onboard the Norweigan Sun is an experience that I look forward to repeating again. Having a dedicated suite-only pool or restaurant is excellent on the larger ships in Norweigan's fleet. Still, it's not missed on the Sun.

Have you sailed in a suite before? Let me know about your experience in the comments. Ready for your next getaway? Schedule a complimentary consultation today!


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