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The Best Travel-Related Gifts of 2020

Now that our bellies are full from Thanksgiving meals, we’re in full holiday swing! Trees are being trimmed, and holiday music is on repeat wherever we go, reminding us that we have just a few weeks left to find the perfect gifts for our loved ones. For many, holiday shopping is stressful in a good year, and in 2020 it’s even worse. But don’t worry, below I’ll give a few great ideas to take care of your shopping list while giving the most epic gift ever!

Surprise them with the perfect travel gift this year

Before I list out the options, I’m going to include a shameless plug for Rainbow Getaways. I take care of all the planning for your vacations, so you don’t have to worry, but you get to take credit for it all. If you’ve never worked with a travel advisor, think of me akin to a financial advisor or a real-estate agent; I listen to your dreams and help make them happen. No trip is too short or large for me to tackle, and I make gift giving effortless. After you finish reading about the gift ideas below, take a look at the Travel Planning page and then schedule your free consultation to tell me about your dream trip.

Best travel-related gift ideas for 2020:

10. Noise-canceling headphones – These will come in handy when your partner starts traveling again. In the meantime, they’ll be able to use them when you start to get on their last holiday nerve.

9. A photobook of your past trips – reliving memories is sentimental and helps take your minds off being at home for an extended period. There’s plenty of excellent online services that will turn your photos into a book, but order quickly to ensure delivery before the big day.

8. A new suitcase – A suitcase may not seem like the most romantic gift. Still, its practicality is greatly overshadowed by the promise of future trips. Include a few pictures of your dream locations to really make this gift stand out.

7. A travel map – Spend time marking off the destinations that you’ve traveled together and highlighting the ones you want to explore in the future.

6. New beachwear – This may be more difficult to accomplish based on your specific region (being in Florida, we have easy access to this year-round). A new pair of sunglasses, a beach hat, and a swimsuit is even better than giving sexy underwear. Depending on what your partner wears, there may be less cloth on the swimwear than lingerie anyway!

5. A gift card – This is probably the least romantic idea on the list. But if you need a quick, practical gift, a gift card for your partner’s favorite airline, cruise line, or destination should be your go-to. But if you have some lead time and aren’t waiting until the eve before you’re exchanging gifts, I’d recommend one of the last 4 options.

4. Book a trip to Disney in 2021 – Big things are happening at Walt Disney World in 2021, and if you or your partner is a Disney fan, you won’t want to miss visiting next year. The Magic Kingdom turns 50 on October 1st, so we’re expecting lots of unique activities. Beyond the birthday of the Magic Kingdom, several new attractions are coming to Disney to make a trip extra worth it!

3. Book a cruise in 2021 or beyond – Personally, I’m not recommending anyone book a cruise for the first three months of 2021. The cruise lines expect to start sailing by January or February, but as 2020 has shown us, that can change in a heartbeat. That said, planning for the summer or later is a great way to get the excitement of having a cruise booked back.

2. Book an all-inclusive resort stay – Resorts have reopened across the Caribbean and have some excellent pricing for those who are willing to travel in the coming months. This is one gift that you could give and not have to wait to use. You can be in your private villas on the beach in no time.

1. Buy a camper – This is by far the most expensive and long-lasting option on the list. If you have the means, glamping is a great way to get out and travel while social distancing. If you and your partner are working remotely, you can travel and keep working as long as you have a good WIFI or cell signal.

If you’re ready to start planning the perfect gift getaway, schedule a free consultation with me today. During our call, you’ll share what type of vacation you’re picturing, and I’ll share what I’ll do to help make that happen. Rainbow Getaways is a full-service travel agency that specializes in travel for the LGBTQ community and our allies. We work with travel suppliers worldwide to ensure that each vacation is completely customized to meet your travel dreams.

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