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It's Time to be a Nomadic Work from Camper

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

COVID-19 has upended the world as we know it, and nine months into the year, there is no end in sight for when the virus will be a part of history instead of our daily lives. Life always finds a way. The way we do business, school, travel, eat, and every other part of life has been adapted to minimize the spread of the virus, while at the same time giving us some resemblance of what we used to call life.

Traveling for many Americans has been one of the slowest industries overall to start a recovery during COVID. Fear of the unknown has kept us isolated for the last six months, but this has as much to do with working from home as it does the fear of the actual virus. In 2020, 72% of Americans didn't travel during the summer, which otherwise would have taken a trip, and over 40% of the American workforce hasn't touched their PTO this year ( When asked why the fear of being laid-off or furloughed tops the list and that they felt guilty for taking PTO while already spending all their time working from home.

Camping during COVID means quiet campgrounds during the week, perfect for working and traveling. Photo credit: Elaine H.
Quite Campground

In a work-from-home environment, using your PTO is just as important compared to those working in an office, maybe even more so. Working from home full time leads to quicker burnout than it does in the office. Humans are social creatures, and only having a pet, a partner, or a toddler to talk to often has unintended consequences. By getting creative with taking time off and traveling during COVID, you may find more options available than you initially thought.

Photo credit: Elaine H.

In a social distancing society, camping is the most popular traveling option of 2020. Camper dealerships have seen increased foot traffic and are selling out of campers across the country. The flexibility to travel with all your necessities, while still having the freedom to work during the day has created an even larger nomadic work culture than Millenials have tried to create over the last 10 years.

Buying a new camper and hitting the road may be feasible for some, but it's not achievable for all. Instead, renting a camper is a great option that gives you the flexibility to camp while at the same time keeping your initial expenses down. Multiple rental companies rent various sizes of campers to meet your unique needs.

Photo credit: Elaine H.
Camping gets busier during the weekends

This year, those out camping are reporting that the crowds are higher during the weekends but taper off during the week. While this is the typical campground pattern, reliable cell service means you'll have quiet areas to work. Once the weekend arrives, more campers will start filling in the campground; but instead of the large parties that we've come to expect from years prior, each campsite stays with their own group.

Photo credit: Elaine H.

Having your own camper means that you have the freedom to move around. Just like a cruise ship at sea, you can visit multiple campgrounds during your road trip. You can spend a week checking out campgrounds local to your state or a month exploring the United States. The country is your oyster with a camper.

Ready to use your PTO and spend some time cruising the US highways in your own camper? Not only will I help you find the perfect rental, but I'll also work with you to plan out your route and decide which campgrounds to set up camp.

Rainbow Getaways is a full-service travel agency that specializes in travel for the LGBTQ community and our allies. Schedule your free consultation to get started planning today; plus, all new bookings deposited in 2020 receive a special gift!

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