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Is Celebrity Cruises a Good Fit for Millennials?

Updated: May 3, 2022

Since its founding in 1988, Celebrity Cruises has been operating luxury vacations to cruisers with its distinct style and world-class accommodations. Over the years, Celebrity has received awards for its dining, ship design, and service.

While great for the cruise line, does this mean that Celebrity is a good fit for millennials?

Stepping onto a Celebrity ship, you’ll be wowed by the grand spaces, dazzled by the caliber of the shows, and swept away by the service of the crew. You’ll also notice your fellow cruisers are older than you. Celebrity offers an upgraded experience compared to other mainstream cruise lines, but like most things in life, things that cost more tend to skew towards an older demographic.

Celebrity Apex in St Thomas
Celebrity Apex in St Thomas

In 2020, Celebrity changed its business model to Always Included, so now everyone gets the classic drink package, basic wifi, and tips in the cost of the cruise fare. This all-inclusive approach was meant to lure in younger travelers as older millennials and younger gen-Xers are much more value-conscious than our predecessors.

The Lobster Dish from Le Petit Chef
The Lobster Dish from Le Petit Chef

Onboard, the experience has also been updated to match a more modern approach to cruising. On Celebrity, you won’t find the stuffy formal nights, instead, you’ll be more comfortable in the modern Evening Chic. This is an opportunity to dress as nice as you want, with no one batting an eye if you don’t meet their standards.

Celebrity Constellation
Celebrity Constellation pulling into San Juan, PR

Something that is has left me pleasantly surprised after cruising with Celebrity is that even though the demographics on the ship skew to an older group, my fellow cruisers never felt old. Each and every person I spoke with was having a great time and making the most of their time on the ship. This is extremely unique given most of the time age groups don’t mix as well as one might expect on a ship.

Smart Casual Wear
A sweater and jeans works great for men in the evening

Beyond the dress codes and how well everyone interacts, the food on Celebrity is some of the best food I’ve eaten. The lobster in Le Petit Chef on the Celebrity Constellation still has me dreaming about its buttery goodness that literally melted in my mouth. The buffets on Celebrity offer high-quality food without feeling like it was massed produced. The service in the dining rooms is stellar night after night, and the bartenders form genuine bonds with travelers.

Have you been on a Celebrity ship before? What kind of experience did you have? I’d love to hear about your experiences.

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