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Experience the New Luxury on a Celebrity Cruise!

New Luxury is on a Celebrity Cruise! Celebrity has long been a favorite of mine with their upscale accommodations, unique itineraries, and inclusive policies. But I’ve always considered them more of a premium line than the luxury they’ve tried to emulate. Luxury cruise lines often have most or all expenses included in the cruise fare. In addition to the basics, a luxury cruise usually also includes tips, drinks, WIFI, shore excursions, butler service, upscale dining, and all the other luxuries that you’d expect to find on the highest end cruise ships.

Celebrity is making waves this month by announcing their Always Included pricing, which now includes just about everything you’d expect to experience on a cruise. You’ll continue to get your basics, but now they also include WIFI, Drinks, and Tips in the base cruise fare. This brings Celebrity squarely into the New Luxury category.

With Celebrity’s Always Included base fare, cruisers can experience luxury without having to worry about spending an additional penny. Repeat cruisers appreciate the idea of just boarding a ship and walking off a week later without having anything charged to their credit card. But in practice, this has always been difficult to achieve. Given how easy it is to scan your card to get a drink or a quick round of bingo, the concept remains elusive for most. This is entirely possible on a Celebrity cruise without needing to skimp back to just water and the buffet.

With their new base fare, Celebrity has rolled out two additional tiers that provide an upgraded experience. These tiers are Elevate Your Cruise and Indulge in More, which I’ll go over in more detail in a moment. But I want to reiterate that these are optional upgrades. When we have our consultation, I’ll speak to these tiers’ benefits to your specific travel style.

Elevate Your Cruise includes the three benefits of Always Included (WIFI, Drinks, and Tips) and upgrades your drink package from classic to the premium drink package, and a per person shore excursion credit is based on the length of cruise. You can Elevate Your Cruise for $30 per person, per day, or $420 for two on a seven-night cruise on top of the Always Included price.

Indulge in More takes the experience even further by swapping out streaming quality WIFI, increasing the shore excursion credit, and including an onboard credit so you can splurge while on vacation. The Indulge in More upgrade is $30 per person, per day over the first upgrade, or $60 per person, per day, or $840 for two on a seven-night cruise on top of the Always Included price. For the ultimate cruisers, the top tier is automatically included for all suites booked on Celebrity, adding to the already impressive list of what’s included for suite guests.

Choose from three levels

Typically, Celebrity sails year-round from South Florida and has seasonal homeports around the globe. They also have a purpose-built ship (really closer to a large yacht) that sails to the Galapagos Islands, which provides an up-close and personal experience to this bucket list destination.

Rainbow Getaways is a full-service travel agency that specializes in travel for the LGBTQ community and our allies. Celebrity is one of our preferred cruise lines as they have a consistent history of welcoming all and encouraging diversity. Schedule your free consultation to share your dream trip and hear about how we will make it happen!

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