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Adventure Travel Specialist
Julia Houtchings


I caught the “travel bug” in college while I was studying abroad in Angers, France. I went on several group excursions with the university to iconic places within the country, but the adventures I treasure most were the independent trips I planned myself. From multiple adventures to Paris, to a day trip to the Palace at Versailles and the Chartres Cathedral, to two weeks of spring break spent wandering primarily around Rome, Berlin, and Athens, I handled all the nitty gritty details with the utmost enthusiasm.

That enthusiasm continues today, even for the small(er) adventures: a weekend stay in the mountains, or a day trip into NYC. It can be comforting to frequent the same places, but I also aspire to explore 2 or 3 new spots when I go somewhere I have already been, like a local bookshop, a cafe in a different neighborhood, or even a lesser-known museum or walking tour.

Every adventure is a chance to learn something new and expand our view of the world around us. As an Independent Travel Advsior at Rainbow Getaways, I want to help you plan your ultimate adventures.

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