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Family LGBTQ Travel Specialist
Dani Hicks

Dani's Headshot

Family travel makes forever memories. Growing up, my family only took two or three short family vacations, yet the memories have lasted a lifetime. As a young adult, I decided it was time to travel more frequently. So I moved across the country. I loved how new everything was, and my travels sparked a wanderlust that's never gone away.

I spent my early 20s traveling because that was my happy place. For three years, I traveled and worked my way around Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, and Guatemala. The experience forever changed me.

To this day, the people I met and the things I did remain fresh in my mind. I strayed from the traditional tourist path and lived through vivid flavors, sights, and sounds that seemed dream-like. Whether I was on a tight budget or had spare cash and was looking to live the luxurious life, I had amazing memories.

I eventually settled down with my wife, but my love of travel continued. Even with two kids and a busy life, I found a way to make travel a priority. It was never quite enough to satisfy my desire, so I spent my free time giving travel tips and planning vacations for the people around me. And then, one day, it hit me.

Why not spend my life doing what I loved? I was doing sales and marketing as a career, but it wasn't for an industry that excited me. Suddenly I had an epiphany - it was time to start sharing my years of travel experience with more than my closest friends and family.

Today, I help other families find their happy place. I find so much satisfaction in making someone's travel dreams come true. There's nothing quite like the joy of having a client share their stories of a dream vacation that they booked with me. Now that I'm an independent advisor with Rainbow Getaways, my career brings me as much happiness as travel does.

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